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Humanify Foundation is an Indian organization which empowers women by encouraging discussion of taboo subjects such as menstruation, and by donating them sanitary pads while the workshops to give them a first hand experience of using sanitary pads..
Even in developed cities, we see a reasonable amount of female population witnessing discrimination while menstruating. In fact, the worst part is some are not even aware of the term menstrual hygiene. Sad, isn’t it?
Well, “Paavni“ is one such project that is breaking this stigma and bring in a revolution around Menstruation. The project has been initiated by Humanify Foundation. Under the mentorship of our Chairman Niraj Gera sir, our selfless team of volunteers conduct Menstrual Awareness Camps & Sanitary Pads distribution camps on a regular basis.
‘Paanvi’ is an eye openor for the men and women attending the workshop. It is said sometimes pictures can do more than words can. And that’s exactly what happened here. Our team explains how crucial menstrual health is through Niraj sir’s photo series “Sacred Stains”, apart from an interactive session where attendees share their personal experiences & problems. Team Humanify enlightens them with facts, datas & practical solution of all the issues raised.
During the workshop, it was well explained how important it is to break the myth and come out of that vicious circle. Our team makes everything really simple for the male population as well who attends ‘Paavni’ workshop because it’s their job too to provide care and be sensitive towards their female family members. And not just family members, the indifferent attitude needs to break all around the society.
“Paavni” is going to reach as many as required and create the Menstrual Health Awareness as much as it is required.
That’s our intent and we would be determined to do it.
Come be the ray of hope for someone and change their life. To donate for the noble cause, you can connect with us.


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