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Niraj Gera is a multi-talented, spiritually driven individual whose dynamic personality and profound inspiration from his Guru, the esteemed humanitarian leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji, fuel his mission to make the world a happier place. He tirelessly spreads messages of love, wisdom, and positivity through various roles, including social documentary photographer, social reformer, motivational speaker, Art of Living faculty, and mentor. Regardless of the circumstances, Niraj remains dedicated to achieving and contributing meaningfully to his life and the lives of others.Irrespective of the circumstances, he is always driven to achieving and adding something meaningful to his life and life of others through his role of a social documentary photographer, social reformer, motivational speaker, art of living faculty, mentor & all other roles.

Niraj Gera: An Award-Winning Indian Photographer & Photojournalist

Niraj Gera is an award-winning Indian photographer based in New Delhi, whose initial interest in photography evolved into a passionate lifelong pursuit. A gifted talent with a penchant for travel, he accentuates the essence of the least known and least traveled walks of life through his lens. As a versatile, freelance, and independent photographer, Niraj offers a ‘slice of life’ in all his works, imbuing each picture with a unique voice. Renowned for his excellence in capturing human emotions, he celebrates the freedom of the soul, presenting images that often transcend the material world.

His love and commitment to his craft have won him the hearts of clients and subjects from various states, including New Delhi, Rishikesh, Bangalore, Dharamshala, Varanasi, Rajasthan, and Kerala, as well as from countries like the USA, UK, Kuwait, and China. Niraj's portfolio spans Fashion Photography, Street Photography, Glamour Photography, Travel Photography, Social Cause Documentary Photography, Reportage Photo Story, Food Photography, Still Life Photography, Commercial Photography, Landscape Photography, Product Photography, and Headshot Photography. He is also blessed with excellence in capturing human emotions through his brilliant portraiture photography. His work has yielded phenomenal results, adding richness to every click with his special touch.

Niraj Gera honed his photography skills at the esteemed Triveni Kala Academy, which paved the way for his successful career as a photographer. His work has garnered several prestigious domestic and international awards, including the IPOTY (International Photographer of the Year) 2016 award, CEPIC Award (Germany), SIPA Award (Singapore), and Golden Orchid Award (Italy). Additionally, he was among the top 20 finalists in the ‘Antu Cup’ International Photo Contest (China), which sought the "Top 10 Photographers of the World”, with his work being described as “Fine Art” by many of his clients and fans.

Niraj’s photographs have been exhibited in some of the most renowned venues in India and abroad, such as the Ariano Film Festival (Italy), Blank Wall Gallery (Greece), Indian Habitat Centre (India), Arpana Caur Art Gallery (India), India Photo Fest (Hyderabad), and Lalit Kala Akademi (Delhi).

Having flourished in diverse fields including Social Documentary Photography, Fashion Photography, Travel Photography, Reportage Photography, Street Photography, and Commercial Photography, Niraj is based in Delhi but is available for assignments worldwide. With over 15 years of experience, he is a simple-hearted person who believes in the limitless pursuit of knowledge and evolution.

Niraj’s inclination towards spirituality has helped him establish sincere and meaningful connections with his subjects while balancing his numerous roles. As a faculty member at The Art of Living and a successful entrepreneur, he goes the extra mile to achieve and add meaning to life. His dedication is evident in the way he beautifully captures every detail and shares it with the world.

Additionally, Niraj is a travel blogger, international photojournalist, and photo documentary maker, extending his services for writing photo stories and travel articles to clients globally. For those seeking quality photography or a professional who understands your requirements and delivers the best results, Niraj Gera is the ideal choice.

Contemporary Art and Social Documentary Photographer: Raising Voices and Nurturing Humanity

In today's world, contemporary art and social documentary photography have become powerful tools to address and raise awareness about various social issues. We believe that impactful art can bring significant transformation to society. Our Chairman, Niraj Gera, is an internationally acclaimed award-winning photographer, social reformer, and motivational speaker who aims to nurture humanity through various means. As a social documentary photographer, he is dedicated to bringing about societal change through his soul-stirring photo series.

Our social documentaries strive to vocalize the unsaid and unheard emotions of the underprivileged and marginalized sections of society. We aim to sensitize the public by conducting regular exhibitions both in India and abroad. Our photo series ‘Sacred Stains’ aims to raise awareness about menstruating women and their challenges, while the highly acclaimed series ‘Sacred Transformation’ highlights the plight of acid attack survivors and raises awareness about their struggles. Other notable documentaries by Niraj Gera, such as ‘Shades of Love’ and ‘Sacred Love,’ tell profound stories through powerful imagery.

Niraj Gera’s talent and dedication have been recognized with several prestigious national and international awards, including the IPOTY (International Photographer of the Year) 2016, CEPIC Award (Germany), SIPA Award (Singapore), and the Golden Orchid Award (Italy). He was also nominated among the top 20 finalists in the "Top 10 Photographers of the World" contest by the Antu Cup International Photo Contest (China). His works have been exhibited in renowned galleries, including Blank Wall Gallery (Greece), Ariano Film Festival (Italy), Indian Habitat Centre (India), Lalit Kala Akademi (Delhi), and Arpana Caur Art Gallery.


Niraj Gera: Walking in the Footsteps of His Guru, H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, he is dedicated to bringing peace and human values to society. As an enthusiastic and dynamic social activist, Niraj works tirelessly to uplift and integrate acid attack survivors, suppressed women, underprivileged children, and other marginalized groups. His efforts have brought about positive transformations in the lives of those facing serious issues, helping them realize their worth. Niraj has actively contributed to the de-stigmatization of menstruation in India. His online petition on Change.org, which called for free sanitary napkins for women living below the poverty line, garnered support from over 224,000 people. He has been recognized for his efforts with various awards and has been featured in numerous interviews by news websites and radio channels.

Niraj’s commitment to a violence-free society, stress-free minds, and disease-free bodies aligns with his master’s vision. He has organized motivational and meditation sessions for acid attack survivors, bringing inner happiness and self-confidence to their lives. Additionally, he has held menstrual hygiene awareness camps and has met with union ministers and senior government officials to advocate for a national menstruation policy.

In recognition of his outstanding social work, Niraj received the “Angel of Social Reforms” award in 2019. As a certified professional life coach, he continues to inspire and support individuals from diverse backgrounds, including influencers, professionals, artists, businessmen, and students, helping them realize their full potential.

Mr. Niraj Gera is the visionary leader behind Humanify Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting peace and human values in society. The foundation actively works on several important causes including women empowerment, menstrual hygiene, destigmatization of periods, promoting healthy menstruation practices, WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) campaigns, combating gender discrimination, providing elderly care, advocating for women's rights, uplifting underprivileged children, and nurturing humanity to foster a more harmonious world.


Niraj Gera is a reputed faculty member of “The Art of Living,” a global spiritual organization present in more than 150 countries. As an ardent practitioner of yoga, Niraj advocates for the integration of spirituality into daily life to foster dynamic growth and stability. He is widely regarded as an approachable and understanding mentor and guide. Niraj has conducted The Art of Living’s spiritual programs for a diverse range of audiences, including corporate employees, police personnel, acid attack survivors, NGOs, and students from various colleges and universities. His programs aim to promote inner peace, resilience, and holistic well-being, touching the lives of many and inspiring them to embrace spirituality for a more fulfilling life.

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Niraj gera: The Zealous Traveler

Niraj Gera is a zealous traveler, always eager to explore and learn. Traveling has always been a passion for him, and he loves discovering less-explored areas of the world. His journeys involve meeting local people, tasting local cuisine, and learning about different ways of life and cultures. Niraj aims to inspire others to pack their bags and venture out of their comfort zones.

In addition to exploring India, Niraj has traveled to various beautiful countries, including Switzerland, France, Italy, the UK, and the UAE. He usually travels alone, finding solo travel to be a profoundly spiritual journey. His adventures reflect his love for exploration and his commitment to experiencing the richness of diverse cultures.


Niraj gera: POET & WRITER

Niraj Gera finds immense fulfillment in expressing his inner thoughts through poems and write-ups, driven by the belief that "The pen is mightier than the sword." He uses these mediums to share his perspectives on significant incidents and provoke deep introspection among his audience. His vision is to stir people's souls and foster greater sensitivity towards the beauty of life through his creative works.

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Niraj gera: The COACH

Niraj Gera is a multifaceted coach offering transformative guidance across several domains. As a life coach, he empowers individuals to unlock their potential and achieve personal fulfillment. Through personalized sessions, Niraj helps clients navigate life transitions, set meaningful goals, and cultivate resilience. In his role as an executive coach, Niraj partners with professionals to enhance leadership skills, foster strategic thinking, and optimize performance. Drawing from his diverse background, he provides actionable insights tailored to meet corporate objectives and drive professional growth.

As a relationship coach, Niraj specializes in fostering healthy and fulfilling connections. He guides clients through challenges, facilitates effective communication strategies, and promotes mutual understanding and respect within relationships.

Niraj's expertise as a yoga and meditation coach integrates holistic practices to promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being. He offers guidance in mindfulness techniques, stress reduction, and achieving inner balance, empowering individuals to lead harmonious lives. Passionate about personal development and holistic living, Niraj combines practical wisdom with a compassionate approach in his coaching services. Whether supporting individuals in achieving life goals, enhancing leadership capabilities, nurturing meaningful relationships, or fostering wellness through yoga and meditation, Niraj is dedicated to facilitating profound and lasting transformations in the lives of his clients. His coaching philosophy is rooted in empathy, empowerment, and a commitment to helping individuals thrive in all aspects of their lives.

Niraj gera: corporate trainer

Niraj Gera, a distinguished corporate coach specializing in meditation and happiness, has significantly impacted the corporate wellness sector. His expertise as an Art of Living senior faculty member and a seasoned meditation coach equips him with unique strategies to enhance corporate productivity and employee well-being. Gera’s corporate workshops focus on mindfulness, stress reduction, and emotional resilience, catering to a variety of business environments, from startups to multinational corporations.

His programs are designed to improve mental clarity, enhance decision-making skills, and foster a positive workplace culture, making him a pivotal figure in corporate health and wellness initiatives. Gera’s approach integrates traditional meditation techniques with modern psychological insights, offering comprehensive wellness solutions that have been embraced by industry leaders globally.

As a happiness coach, Gera’s sessions are tailored to boost morale and promote a balanced lifestyle, directly contributing to reduced workplace stress and greater employee satisfaction. His work in promoting mental health awareness and implementing effective stress management techniques is widely recognized, making him a key proponent of corporate wellness programs that aim to cultivate happier, more productive work environments.

Niraj gera: Keynotes SPEAKER

Niraj has been a catalyst for positive transformation in the lives of individuals facing significant challenges across diverse backgrounds, including legal, artistic, educational, and business sectors. His impactful motivational speeches have inspired and earned the respect of many. He has delivered motivational talks at esteemed institutions such as The Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA, Mussoorie), MIT (Pune), National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI, Karnal), Jadavpur University (Kolkata), and more.

Niraj's speaking engagements cover a wide array of topics including yoga, meditation, understanding the mind, and effective parenting. His speeches on subjects like women empowerment, social work, overcoming adversity such as acid attacks, and achieving a stress-free life have resonated deeply with audiences from various professions and backgrounds.