Why India must battle the shame of period stain

Discrimination against menstruating women is widespread in India, where periods have long been a taboo and considered impure.

They are often excluded from social and religious events, denied entry into temples and shrines and even kept out of kitchens. On the occasion of World Menstrual Hygiene Day, award winning photographer Niraj Gera attempts to de-stigmatise periods in this hard-hitting series called Sacred Stains.


Sensitising men on menstrual hygiene Activist Niraj Gera envisions a future where periods are not a taboo

Internationally acclaimed award-winning photographer, social reformer, Art Of Living faculty and motivational speaker Niraj Gera aims to nurture humanity around the world through various means. The founder-president of Humanify Foundation, an NGO dedicated to giving voice to the underprivileged, marginalised and unheard sections of society, talks about his vision of creating awareness among girls, women and men on menstrual health and hygiene as well as educating and sensitising them, especially men